Coming soon,and more news

Coming very soon along with the A.L.N. joint release, and I very much hope that the vinyl version of Mania’s “Revel” will be available as well. Test presssings were recieved,and approved,so its just a matter of time. There was an issue with the Mania-L’Acephale cs(GSR 009) art, this has caused the hold up in itsContinue reading “Coming soon,and more news”


A.L.N. – “Iyov” Coming – Winter 2015 Together from GreySun Records(016) and A.L.N. on cassette tape. Black cassette with labels inside O-Card. Contains mini-zine of A.L.N.’s art, corresponding to the time-period in which he made the music. Tape comes wrapped in A.L.N. logo patch, white ink on black canvas. Edition of 150. Digital album availableContinue reading “A.L.N.-“Iyov””