A long time ago…

There used to be a time when you bought a a copy of MR&R,Flipside,a local ‘zine or maybe you picked an out of state ‘zine up at a show (that a band was selling to help their friend out…). You would get home and comb through the pages, looking opinion columns,scene reports,interviews,photos,comics,adds for labels andContinue reading “A long time ago…”

L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010

L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010 http://greysunrecords.storenvy.com/products/14722239-lacephale-mord-und-totschlag-gsr-010 L’Acephale is one of my favorite PNW Black Metal projects,one listen,and I think that you will understand why. This is not a “new” recording,in fact this recordingis the 10th anniversary re issue. This cs re issue comes with a lyric ‘zine and was issued in an edtion ofContinue reading “L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010”

Solace-Is Nothing Sacred GSR014

Solace-Is Nothing Sacred GSR014 The most recent offeirng from Asia Kindred Moore(Will O the Wisp). Available at Cascadian Yule 2016, and GreySun Records tonight 12-18-2015. Four beautify haunting tracks written and performed by AKM, housed in an ultra white-crystal heavyweight cardstock, with insert and paper sticker, featuring photos by Brianna C. Smith, Mateo Garcia. 1stContinue reading “Solace-Is Nothing Sacred GSR014”


Olzirtox- AUDIAL PROPAGANDA MMXV PROMO GSR 021 Three utterly raw tracks of truly violent,hateful,Satanic terrorism,and propaganda from the HKE. Fuck Your God. Edition of 20. Not a recording for the faint of heart. $5.00(plus S&H) at http://greysunrecords.storenvy.com/products/15618225-olzirtox-audial-propaganda-mmxv-promo-gsr-021 https://thehyperkaoselite.bandcamp.com/releases This is a promo tape, the official release will be available at a later date, from aContinue reading “Olzirtox- AUDIAL PROPAGANDA MMXV PROMO GSR 021”