I have a few releases coming that I am very excited about. I will post more on those as its closer to the release dates.

ALN has NOT sold out(I am not even sure where this rumor came from), it has not even  been sent off for duplication. The Mania-Revel lp has been in the works for a much longer time and was a sizable chunk of money. The cost of Mania record set back all of the GreySun releases that were “pro” duplicated.

ALN will be done when the funds are available for the release.

2016 will probablly see the last of “pro” duplicated tapes. I started GreySun as a small,underground DIY label,I want to keep it that way. I like that I am able to do my releases “in house”,I get a  kind of calmness from doing layouts,cutting covers,applying labels,folding,inserting etc…that kind of work may be tedious to some, but thats something that I personally enjoy.

Release runs will continue to be 100 or less. I recently saw some complaints about the Solace tape being done in too small a number. Running a niche label can and is always a gamble. I choose to release the tapes in a number that I think will sell,realistic numbers. I would rather a tape “sell out”and have to re produce more than to have a tape sit for a year  and a half ,and only sell 30 copies in that time.

This page STILL remains the only place for reliable release info for GreySun .

There is no facebook,instagram(or other social media),nor do I use any of the big forums at this time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding GreySun releases,past,present or future.



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