A long time ago…

There used to be a time when you bought a a copy of MR&R,Flipside,a local ‘zine or maybe you picked an out of state ‘zine up at a show (that a band was selling to help their friend out…). You would get home and comb through the pages, looking opinion columns,scene reports,interviews,photos,comics,adds for labels and other ‘zines and the back pages;the classifieds. There you could find a multitude of things that you may not have been able to find locally. Im talking demo tapes(FOR $2.oo plus postage!),tape trading lists,patches,t shirts,pen pals,bands looking to sell you their own 7″ that they released,because their was not a myriad of labels with the ability to release some unheard of punk band from the middle of nowhere in Iowa(just an example of a location). You would then look at how much $ you had and figure out if you could send well concealed cash or you needed to send a money order, was it in the USA(most were) or was elsewhere, then when you got your order together,include a note stating what you wanted(maybe even throw in a photo from a show or a flyer)  slap a stamp on  an addressed envelope, and drop it in the mail. Weeks would pass,sometimes several months,and one day your would come home from work or school,and find a package or two in your mail box. Yes! The latest demo from that band in Socal,or that ‘zine from Florida finally came,maybe it was that limited edition euro straight edge record you thought you would never own! . Then you would do it again in a couple of weeks if you happened to have the money. My point is, most of this was done with very little communucation between the sellers and the buyers, there was no instant gratification,no paypal to run too,no  way to know that you managaed to get the demo that you were ordering. There was no e mail(or msg board/forums for you to throw a tantrum on,because you missed out on the last pink vinyl copy of _____)phone numbers to call or text,no tracking numbers that you could watch on your computer,almost no communication at all.  You took the chance and 99% of the time it mananged to work out. Yeah there were flakes,I only never recived my stuff a handfull of times(4 times to be exact). I wrote this because of a coversation that a friend and I had regarding my store being open while I was away for the holidays,and how “back in the day” we had to wait for tapes,records,’zines,photos,and how people need to chill out,and maybe realize that just because an order is placed,does not mean it seen or filled in the few hours afterwards. How long is too long? Thats up to you to decide. I find my self getting antsy around 3-6 weeks(unless its pre orders,which I try to avoid, as handing over money for something thats not pressed-duplicated OR printed,leaves far too  much room for mistakes,confusion,lost info,impatience on the buyers side to set in etc…),but it never fails, that I write someone asking about the order, it shows up that day…this is just my take on it.

Thanks for reading this mess that I typed while half asleep.






I have a few releases coming that I am very excited about. I will post more on those as its closer to the release dates.

ALN has NOT sold out(I am not even sure where this rumor came from), it has not even  been sent off for duplication. The Mania-Revel lp has been in the works for a much longer time and was a sizable chunk of money. The cost of Mania record set back all of the GreySun releases that were “pro” duplicated.

ALN will be done when the funds are available for the release.

2016 will probablly see the last of “pro” duplicated tapes. I started GreySun as a small,underground DIY label,I want to keep it that way. I like that I am able to do my releases “in house”,I get a  kind of calmness from doing layouts,cutting covers,applying labels,folding,inserting etc…that kind of work may be tedious to some, but thats something that I personally enjoy.

Release runs will continue to be 100 or less. I recently saw some complaints about the Solace tape being done in too small a number. Running a niche label can and is always a gamble. I choose to release the tapes in a number that I think will sell,realistic numbers. I would rather a tape “sell out”and have to re produce more than to have a tape sit for a year  and a half ,and only sell 30 copies in that time.

This page STILL remains the only place for reliable release info for GreySun .

There is no facebook,instagram(or other social media),nor do I use any of the big forums at this time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding GreySun releases,past,present or future.



L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010

L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010


L’Acephale is one of my favorite PNW Black Metal projects,one listen,and I think that you will understand why.

This is not a “new” recording,in fact this recordingis the 10th anniversary re issue.

This cs re issue comes with a lyric ‘zine and was issued in an edtion of 90 tapes.

A “Die Hard” wooden box edition(worked on by Set Sothins Nox La and GreySun) will be available in February 2016,in an edition of 10. These will be strictly first come… no trades,holds,dibs.

Also available(while supplies last)at

L’Acephale “Poppy Wheel” embroidered patch.

High quality embroidered patch featuring the L’Acephale logo in front of a “Poppy Wheel”.

This will a great addition to any battle vest,coat,bag etc…





Solace-Is Nothing Sacred GSR014

Solace-Is Nothing Sacred GSR014


The most recent offeirng from Asia Kindred Moore(Will O the Wisp).
Available at Cascadian Yule 2016, and GreySun Records tonight 12-18-2015.
Four beautify haunting tracks written and performed by AKM, housed in an ultra white-crystal heavyweight cardstock, with insert and paper sticker, featuring photos by Brianna C. Smith, Mateo Garcia. 1st edition limited to 35 copies . Strictly limited to one per person.

Sold out.

Plans for a 2nd edition are already in the works(for those that missed the intital run).Most likely avaiable in late January,early Feruary 2016.





Three utterly raw tracks of truly violent,hateful,Satanic terrorism,and propaganda
from the HKE.
Fuck Your God.
Edition of 20.
Not a recording for the faint of heart.

$5.00(plus S&H)


This is a promo tape, the official release will be available at a later date, from a different label.







Experimental,Ambient,Black Metal from Oakland,Ca.

Edition of 50 cs January 2016

Oxalis had been released in two beautifully handmade cdr editions of 50 each. GreySun will be relaseing a cassette version that will feature a  similarly beautiful visual  and musical presentation that was only previously available on a digital format.

This release is an edition of 50 tapes housed in a hand  leaf printed slipcase(over the standard norelco tape case).

For a sample of this excellent release


Mania-Revel 12″
Mania - Revel [2013]

-GreySun Records 011-

with Pesanta Urfolk

December 2015

More info very soon.


Novembers Songs

greysun add Untitled-1


Coming soon,and more news

mania lace addUntitled-1 Solace Add Untitled-1 lacephaleUntitled-1

Coming very soon along with the A.L.N. joint release, and I very much hope that the

vinyl version of Mania’s “Revel” will be available as well.

Test presssings were recieved,and approved,so its just a matter of time.

There was an issue with the Mania-L’Acephale cs(GSR 009) art, this has caused the hold up in its release. I did print roughly 30 covers with the mistake on them.  There was no special edition. Batik patches are for the first 20 or so orders. They will be available very soon.

Coming very soon, L’Acephale -Mord und Totscclag cs GSR 010

Edition of 100(10 special edition boxes and 90 standard.

Solace-Is Nothing Sacred cs GSR014

edition of 35

New music from Asia Kindred Moore(Will O the Wisp).

More info will be available soon.

Hail Seeds/Permafrost cs Re issue GSR017 .

GreySun(018) and Leviatan Ouroboros  04 teamed up for the LLUVIA tour cs box (sold out).

Limited tape boxset /33 copies.
Hand embossed cover with two sides insert.

Exclusively available for the Lluvia//Sutekh Hexen Pacific Northwest Tour.

Recorded live in front of a private audience to commemorate the release of the ‘Eternidad Solemne’ Lp.

image_original-1 image_original image_400w





A.L.N. – “Iyov”

Coming – Winter 2015

Together from GreySun Records(016) and A.L.N. on cassette tape. Black cassette with labels inside O-Card. Contains mini-zine of A.L.N.’s art, corresponding to the time-period in which he made the music. Tape comes wrapped in A.L.N. logo patch, white ink on black canvas. Edition of 150. Digital album available separately from A.L.N.

This album contains three lost songs recorded in years past that lead to the creation of Mizmor. Two are under the moniker Sorceress, a long inactive band featuring A.L.N. (Mizmor) and M.S.W. (Hell). These were the band’s final songs, recorded and performed by A.L.N. after the band’s end. The third song is the direct precursor to the original Mizmor album: “0” by Mizmor.
“this is the beginning of my music made from suffering.” – A.L.N.

All recorded on the same equipment as the original Mizmor, this album has the same lo-fi sound the first album is ironically praised for and sheds an interesting light on both the music of Mizmor and Hell.
Written, performed and recorded by A.L.N.
Mastered by Andrew Oswald
Special thanks to Sorceress: Andrew R. Black, Blake T. Ferrin, Matthew S. Williams