Sempervirens ‘Zine

Not a GreySun release,but M.Garcia (GreySun)did work on this with B. Bredava. Sempervirens ‘Zine issue one.  Despite all the obstacles,delays and, hold ups,we finally managed to release it. Sempervirens zine is a 76 page,11×17 (folded),DIY magazine dedicated to the Underground music scene here in Oregon. No adds,no classifieds,no reviews,no barcodes,just interviews with the musicians. 100Continue reading “Sempervirens ‘Zine”

Coatepec/Sian Ka’an Split

Coatepec/Sian Ka’an Split. GreySun Records (GSR013) A new Coatepec track that is on a different path than the ambient guitar drone of the last release, this song adds Meso American tribal instruments to the guitar drones as well. Sian Ka’An (sky Born) is is Mayan inspired trance music. This track is made up of layeredContinue reading “Coatepec/Sian Ka’an Split”


Mizmor-VIII-Ou-VIII-Oural GreySun Records (GSR007)-A.L.N. A. Oural B. Oural MIZMOR c/s Tour edition,200 cassettes This project was an honor to release (and work with ALN on this cassette). The  release is housed in a hand numbered black cardboard cover featuring a hand painted(by GreySun) Mizmor logo(in a black pearl ink. This ink at times looks blackContinue reading “Mizmor-VIII-Oural”


Coatepec-S/T Organic ambient,drone(“live” unmastered recording) . Greysun Records (GSR002) A. Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2 B. Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2 M.Garcia Guitar,Effects,and Photos. This release is limited to a total of  20 cassettes(maxell 90) and 8 cdrs(the cdrs include a the only live Coatepec performance to date,2 songsContinue reading “Coatepec-S/T”


Hell-Sheol(live) Two complete live performances by the Salem,Oregon Doom  band Hell. Recorded live Side A Seattle,Wa @ The Mercury 8-27-13 Lethe,Sheol,Brutus,Mourn Sice B Olympia,Wa @The Flop House 8-28-13 Lethe,Oblitus,Deonte,Deflgratio,Sheol,Brutus. M.S.W-Vocals/Guitar,Nate Myers-Bass Guitar,Sheene Coffin-Guitar,A.L.N. Drums/Vocals Recorded by M.Garcia Cassette is limited to a total of 215  cassettes on Greysun Records (GSR001) the first 15 cassettes wereContinue reading “HELL-Sheol”