LLUVIA- Eternidad Solemne cs GSR 003

“The wraith of the storming skies returns with this second summoning of bleak and epic sorrow. Vast and captivating atmospheric black metal enshrouded by the darkening clouds of rain and war. Reflections of a heaven that weeps its surrender in battle as a dead god lies upon the funeral pyre. ‘Eternidad Solemne’ is a harrowingContinue reading “LLUVIA- Eternidad Solemne cs GSR 003”

The Overlook Hotel

One beautifully written track by Salem,Oregon’s Overlook Hotel. This song spans roughly 30 minutes. The Death of Daniel Delaney is a kind of retelling of the events that led up to a murder for money ,and ending with the double hanging of the two men that commited the crime. edition of 150. http://greysunrecords.storenvy.com/products/13555767-the-overlook-hotel-gsr012 reviewed byContinue reading “The Overlook Hotel”

Circle Of Salt-Suffer the Cold (GSR007)

I Circle of Salt-GreySun Records 007 I am pleased to announce the release of Suffer the Cold by Candadian Black Metal artists Circle of Salt. Pro”press” cassettes in an edition of 100 copies. Cold,dark,expansive Black Metal that will speak for itself. 50 of these tapes came with a folded paper sleeve over the tape. IfContinue reading “Circle Of Salt-Suffer the Cold (GSR007)”

GreySun is open again

Hello, I have re opened GreySun for 2015. There is a very limited distro tape(edition of 18) available at the store right now. the project is called Camp 18. Its a chaotic,harsh noise recording based on a quadruple murder that happened at the small Sierra Nevada resort of Keddie(ca.) in the early 80’s. the tapeContinue reading “GreySun is open again”