Mizmor-VIII-Ou-VIII-Oural GreySun Records (GSR007)-A.L.N. A. Oural B. Oural MIZMOR c/s Tour edition,200 cassettes This project was an honor to release (and work with ALN on this cassette). The  release is housed in a hand numbered black cardboard cover featuring a hand painted(by GreySun) Mizmor logo(in a black pearl ink. This ink at times looks blackContinue reading “Mizmor-VIII-Oural”


Coatepec-S/T Organic ambient,drone(“live” unmastered recording) . Greysun Records (GSR002) A. Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2 B. Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2 M.Garcia Guitar,Effects,and Photos. This release is limited to a total of  20 cassettes(maxell 90) and 8 cdrs(the cdrs include a the only live Coatepec performance to date,2 songsContinue reading “Coatepec-S/T”


Hell-Sheol(live) Two complete live performances by the Salem,Oregon Doom  band Hell. Recorded live Side A Seattle,Wa @ The Mercury 8-27-13 Lethe,Sheol,Brutus,Mourn Sice B Olympia,Wa @The Flop House 8-28-13 Lethe,Oblitus,Deonte,Deflgratio,Sheol,Brutus. M.S.W-Vocals/Guitar,Nate Myers-Bass Guitar,Sheene Coffin-Guitar,A.L.N. Drums/Vocals Recorded by M.Garcia Cassette is limited to a total of 215  cassettes on Greysun Records (GSR001) the first 15 cassettes wereContinue reading “HELL-Sheol”