SOLACE Spring Tour West Coast.

solace tour poster Untitled-1

Solace will be on the road for a  bit with Horse Cult(A.K.M. also will be playing harp with Horse Cult). Solace tapes are sold out from the label at this time,Solcace will be selling copies while on tour. I am not sure if we will be doing a 3 rd edition so,If you have the chance to attend one,or a couple of shows, you should,and pick up a tape while you can.

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Hell European Tour


Hell will have a re issue of the live 2013 tape “Sheol” available while on tour.

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The Long awaited A.L.N. cs is fianlly ready and availble.

A jounreny into the musical past of the man behind Mizmor.

ALN “Iyov” comes in an edition of 150 cassettes.

Each tape is enshrouded in an ALN patch that covers

the Norelco o-card sleeve.

Inside the case one will find a cs sized art “zine” and explination of the songs that grace the cassette.

(O-card and art zine are printed on a pearl metalic stock.)

GreySun,A.L.N. and, Sara Ray spent several hours meticoulsly ,cutting,stapling,gluing and assembling this cassette and the finished product is one to go down in the books.  Don’t take my word though,get one while you can.

GreySun will be the only only Stateside outlet for this release until A.L.N. returns from the European Hell Tour.


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FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-5Leadeater-Oxalis cs

GreySun Records 017

This recording came to me via e mail from James of Leadeater.

I took one listen to Oxalis,and I was instantly taken in.

Words can’t  describe the ride that I was taken on while listening to Oxalis, I enjoyed this recording so much, that I played it over and over, while working and driving.

Released in an edition of 100 hand numbered  tapes.

#1-50 come are encased in a clover stamped  norelco case o card(#1-10 feature

a metallic gold j-card).

Peviously released on two sepreate cd-r runs,this cassette will be the final resting place for Oxalis.

  Artwork for the j-card is a  collaboration between Joseph Cendejas and B. Marie.

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Sutekh Hexen-Salem

sutekh add


GreySun Records 020

On may 30th,2014 Sutekh Hexen performed with several other bands at the Wisp House in Salem,Oregon.

It was early on may 31st 2014, sleep had settled over the neighborhood. The party was winding down,the house had become quiet,except for a few people having conversations here and there.

I was preparing my thermarest and ,thinking about how nice my sleeping bag was going to be,when I heard  sounds starting to emerge from the basement,again. I looked at my “bed” and started rummaging through my pack for my recorder. I put some fresh batteries in it,and grabbed the last of my beers,and looked at my phone, “I should be sleeping” I thought to myslef as I opened another beer,and sat down on the stairs,and pushed record. One by one each of the guys came came downstairs to join Kevin. Its not often one gets to see a band that  they really admire create music instead of performing a set(while on tour). I felt privileged to have witnessed Sutekh Hexen doing what they do best.

This recording has been in a pre production phase for quite some time,and  will be available on cassette from GreySun Records soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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Coming very soon.

Greysun flyer 25 IMG_9695

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A long time ago…

There used to be a time when you bought a a copy of MR&R,Flipside,a local ‘zine or maybe you picked an out of state ‘zine up at a show (that a band was selling to help their friend out…). You would get home and comb through the pages, looking opinion columns,scene reports,interviews,photos,comics,adds for labels and other ‘zines and the back pages;the classifieds. There you could find a multitude of things that you may not have been able to find locally. Im talking demo tapes(FOR $2.oo plus postage!),tape trading lists,patches,t shirts,pen pals,bands looking to sell you their own 7″ that they released,because their was not a myriad of labels with the ability to release some unheard of punk band from the middle of nowhere in Iowa(just an example of a location). You would then look at how much $ you had and figure out if you could send well concealed cash or you needed to send a money order, was it in the USA(most were) or was elsewhere, then when you got your order together,include a note stating what you wanted(maybe even throw in a photo from a show or a flyer)  slap a stamp on  an addressed envelope, and drop it in the mail. Weeks would pass,sometimes several months,and one day your would come home from work or school,and find a package or two in your mail box. Yes! The latest demo from that band in Socal,or that ‘zine from Florida finally came,maybe it was that limited edition euro straight edge record you thought you would never own! . Then you would do it again in a couple of weeks if you happened to have the money. My point is, most of this was done with very little communucation between the sellers and the buyers, there was no instant gratification,no paypal to run too,no  way to know that you managaed to get the demo that you were ordering. There was no e mail(or msg board/forums for you to throw a tantrum on,because you missed out on the last pink vinyl copy of _____)phone numbers to call or text,no tracking numbers that you could watch on your computer,almost no communication at all. You took the chance and 99% of the time it mananged to work out. Yeah there were flakes,I only never recived my stuff a handfull of times(4 times to be exact). I wrote this because of a coversation that a friend and I had regarding my store being open while I was away for the holidays,and how “back in the day” we had to wait for tapes,records,’zines,photos,and how people need to chill out,and maybe realize that just because an order is placed,does not mean it seen or filled in the few hours afterwards. How long is too long? Thats up to you to decide. I find my self getting antsy around 5-6 weeks,but it never fails, that I write someone asking about the order,and it shows up that day,so…thats just my take on it.

Thanks for reading this mess that I typed while half asleep.


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