Sempervirens ‘Zine


Not a GreySun release,but M.Garcia (GreySun)did work on this with B. Bredava.

Sempervirens ‘Zine issue one.  Despite all the obstacles,delays and, hold ups,we finally managed to release it.
Sempervirens zine is a 76 page,11×17 (folded),DIY magazine dedicated to the Underground music scene here in Oregon. No adds,no classifieds,no reviews,no barcodes,just interviews with the musicians.
100 printed copies, hand numbered,with a live cassette of Hell (Salem,Or.)and Hail(Portland,Or.)from two different local shows.

There were an additional 100 tapes sold by Hell and Hail at live performances and several extra copies of the tape have surfaced and may be sold on Greysun for reg prices.

There was an issue two planned but it never materialized. I have kicked around the idea of a newer smaller zine that would be like the SZ  and include a tape,poster etc… but thats not anything that is in the immediate future,

This zine is oop, please DO NOT SCAN and upload to the internet.

Coatepec/Sian Ka’an Split


Coatepec/Sian Ka’an Split. GreySun Records (GSR013)

A new Coatepec track that is on a different path than the ambient guitar drone of the last release, this song adds Meso American tribal instruments to the guitar drones as well.
Sian Ka’An (sky Born) is is Mayan inspired trance music. This track is made up of layered pre Colombian flutes,drums,and rattles.
This is not a metal tape. This tape was not done in such a small number  because its cool release hyper limted recordings, but because it’s not something I saw being highly sought after. I also liked the idea of the pvc case and decided there would be two versions. Please do not upload to the internet.




Sian Ka’an-Way Ib

Edition of 12 (numbered)standard (Norelco case) black cs20 tapes. Side A. Coatepec (white labels)

Side B. Sian Ka’an(red labels).

This edition featured a dbl sided j card printed on metallic silver,blue or mother of pearl paper.

The special edition of 8 (oversized pvc box). Dbl sided (numbered)cover of the  j card art with a photo of Chicanna instead of the San Andres weaving and Ceibal tree. Mother of pearl paper. Included in this version were two 8.5 x 11 xeroxed pictures one for each band.

Patch edition of 5. Dbl sided (numbered)cover of the  j card art with a photo of Chicanna instead of the San Andres weaving and Ceibal tree(metallic white paper with red,and black inks). Included in this version were two 8.5 x 11 xeroxed “posters” one for each band. Each tape came with a hand drawn patch.

All photos were taken by M.Garcia while in Yucatan and Campeche,Mx 2009.

OOP no plans for a reissue.




GreySun Records (GSR007)-A.L.N.





MIZMOR c/s Tour edition,200 cassettes
This project was an honor to release (and work with ALN on this cassette). The  release is housed in a hand numbered black cardboard cover featuring a hand painted(by GreySun) Mizmor logo(in a black pearl ink. This ink at times looks black or silver depending on the light) as well as an art insert  by Jeremy Golden and tape. Edition of 200,all hand numbered(1-200). the tape is around 16 minutes in length and worth every minute. It was named the “Tour Edition” as it was made especially for the tour(there are not two versions of this tape). At the time the Mania-Mizmor was not yet released and they were not sure when it was going to be finished at the plant so, this tape was released. Still available via GreySun Records,Pesanta Urfolk Records etc…





GreySun Records( GRS005)



Repeat of side A

One of the PNW best kept secrets. I am proud to be a part of this release and cannot recommend it enough.  5  seperate tracks (not one single track) that will take you on a musical journey from the sky to the sea. The intro on this cassette is very quiet, just let it play out. I did not want to alter this release in any way shape or form from it’s original state. The spine is misprinted as GRS and not GSR00_.  The first 25 cassettes (sold out)were enclosed in a hand painted/numbered black cardboard cases. Also enclosed is the standard cover and a small sunprinted “star map” featuring Boreal glyphs. The remaining 75  copies come  in a standard norelco case with the j card(un numbered) .Due to miscomunication this tape is missing several tracks that will be released in the future.





Organic ambient,drone(“live” unmastered recording) . Greysun Records (GSR002)


Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2


Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2

M.Garcia Guitar,Effects,and Photos.

This release is limited to a total of  20 cassettes(maxell 90) and 8 cdrs(the cdrs include a the only live Coatepec performance to date,2 songs performed on Bass guitar at the Burrage House Summer 2013). The Cassette covers were printed on metallic velum style paper(Gold,Blue, and Silver). CDR Covers were printed on metallic card stock(Chamapagne,Blue,Silver,and Grey), cdr also included an information insert. Tapes were numbered 1-20 and CDRs 1-8.

The song titles,art and photos are inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and arts.

This release is out of print.





Two complete live performances by the Salem,Oregon Doom  band Hell. Recorded live

Side A Seattle,Wa @ The Mercury 8-27-13


Sice B Olympia,Wa @The Flop House 8-28-13


M.S.W-Vocals/Guitar,Nate Myers-Bass Guitar,Sheene Coffin-Guitar,A.L.N. Drums/Vocals

Recorded by M.Garcia

Cassette is limited to a total of 215  cassettes on Greysun Records (GSR001)

the first 15 cassettes were made for the band and friends. They have a different double sided cover than the official release and were dubbed on maxell 90 min cassettes with “pill” shaped labels(left overs from the Sempervirens ‘zine Hell tape labels.).These tapes do say GRS001 on the spine.

Hell-Sheol Official 1st edition.

100 copies on black c90 cassettes with black,white and red labels. Covers were printed on pearl card stock  and hand numbered, (sold through GreySun Records,Pesanta Urfolk Records and via Hell on the 2014 Summer tour)

Hell-Sheol Official 2nd edition.

100 copies on white c92 cassettes with red and black labels. Covers were printed on ultra bright white heavyweight paper  and hand numbered.  (sold through GreySun Records,Pesanta Urfolk Records, Hell on the 2014 Summer tour/Lower Your Head).

This release is OOP and there are no future plans for a reissue.