GreySun 2019

2019 was off to a slow start due to a loss in the family. The patience was appreciated .

2019 GreySun release Thôt-La Plume GSR027 undisclosed limitation.

Raw Black Metal from Dijon,France. O card encased tape, with two inserts, gold metallic pearl j card,recorded on a lapis blue cassette. Inner logo design by M. Garcia/GreySun

Realms-Existential Ascension GSR036 Undisclosed limitation.

Debut Realms first full length Existential Ascension over 40 minutes of raw soul piercing black metal designed as a tool for manifestation. O’card edition featuring art by M. Garica/Greysun.

La Huesuda art by M. Garcia is featured on the Realms cs o card as well as the longsleeve,and zip up sweatshirt,avaialable direct from Realms,get one.
contact REALMS

Sutekh Hexen Eclipse dbl cs is sold out.

A very limited number of HEARSE-O’ Ye of Spheres 12″ Lathe cuts will be made available in the next few weeks, these will feature the intended arts well as what the previous editions came with.

Tzompantli ” ‘zine” is finally coming to be, though it won’t be the size or scale of the Sempervierns ‘Zine, it will be something to look for in the very near future.

There also has been talk of Sempervirens ‘Zine, Issue Two. Time will tell.

More info on future releases will posted soon. For wholesale, or demo submissions, please contact