Organic ambient,drone(“live” unmastered recording) . Greysun Records (GSR002)


Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2


Balam Ku,U Chi’bil Kin,Ek,U Chi bil Kin 2

M.Garcia Guitar,Effects,and Photos.

This release is limited to a total of  20 cassettes(maxell 90) and 8 cdrs(the cdrs include a the only live Coatepec performance to date,2 songs performed on Bass guitar at the Burrage House Summer 2013). The Cassette covers were printed on metallic velum style paper(Gold,Blue, and Silver). CDR Covers were printed on metallic card stock(Chamapagne,Blue,Silver,and Grey), cdr also included an information insert. Tapes were numbered 1-20 and CDRs 1-8.

The song titles,art and photos are inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and arts.

This release is out of print.


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