Two complete live performances by the Salem,Oregon Doom  band Hell. Recorded live

Side A Seattle,Wa @ The Mercury 8-27-13


Sice B Olympia,Wa @The Flop House 8-28-13


M.S.W-Vocals/Guitar,Nate Myers-Bass Guitar,Sheene Coffin-Guitar,A.L.N. Drums/Vocals

Recorded by M.Garcia

Cassette is limited to a total of 215  cassettes on Greysun Records (GSR001)

the first 15 cassettes were made for the band and friends. They have a different double sided cover than the official release and were dubbed on maxell 90 min cassettes with “pill” shaped labels(left overs from the Sempervirens ‘zine Hell tape labels.).These tapes do say GRS001 on the spine.

Hell-Sheol Official 1st edition.

100 copies on black c90 cassettes with black,white and red labels. Covers were printed on pearl card stock  and hand numbered, (sold through GreySun Records,Pesanta Urfolk Records and via Hell on the 2014 Summer tour)

Hell-Sheol Official 2nd edition.

100 copies on white c92 cassettes with red and black labels. Covers were printed on ultra bright white heavyweight paper  and hand numbered.  (sold through GreySun Records,Pesanta Urfolk Records, Hell on the 2014 Summer tour/Lower Your Head).

This release is OOP and there are no future plans for a reissue.



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