GreySun Records( GRS005)



Repeat of side A

One of the PNW best kept secrets. I am proud to be a part of this release and cannot recommend it enough.  5  seperate tracks (not one single track) that will take you on a musical journey from the sky to the sea. The intro on this cassette is very quiet, just let it play out. I did not want to alter this release in any way shape or form from it’s original state. The spine is misprinted as GRS and not GSR00_.  The first 25 cassettes (sold out)were enclosed in a hand painted/numbered black cardboard cases. Also enclosed is the standard cover and a small sunprinted “star map” featuring Boreal glyphs. The remaining 75  copies come  in a standard norelco case with the j card(un numbered) .Due to miscomunication this tape is missing several tracks that will be released in the future.



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