GreySun Records (GSR007)-A.L.N.





MIZMOR c/s Tour edition,200 cassettes
This project was an honor to release (and work with ALN on this cassette). The  release is housed in a hand numbered black cardboard cover featuring a hand painted(by GreySun) Mizmor logo(in a black pearl ink. This ink at times looks black or silver depending on the light) as well as an art insert  by Jeremy Golden and tape. Edition of 200,all hand numbered(1-200). the tape is around 16 minutes in length and worth every minute. It was named the “Tour Edition” as it was made especially for the tour(there are not two versions of this tape). At the time the Mania-Mizmor was not yet released and they were not sure when it was going to be finished at the plant so, this tape was released. Still available via GreySun Records,Pesanta Urfolk Records etc…


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