Coming soon,and more news

mania lace addUntitled-1 Solace Add Untitled-1 lacephaleUntitled-1

Coming very soon along with the A.L.N. joint release, and I very much hope that the

vinyl version of Mania’s “Revel” will be available as well.

Test presssings were recieved,and approved,so its just a matter of time.

There was an issue with the Mania-L’Acephale cs(GSR 009) art, this has caused the hold up in its release. I did print roughly 30 covers with the mistake on them.  There was no special edition. Batik patches are for the first 20 or so orders. They will be available very soon.

Coming very soon, L’Acephale -Mord und Totscclag cs GSR 010

Edition of 100(10 special edition boxes and 90 standard.

Solace-Is Nothing Sacred cs GSR014

edition of 35

New music from Asia Kindred Moore(Will O the Wisp).

More info will be available soon.

Hail Seeds/Permafrost cs Re issue GSR017 .

GreySun(018) and Leviatan Ouroboros  04 teamed up for the LLUVIA tour cs box (sold out).

Limited tape boxset /33 copies.
Hand embossed cover with two sides insert.

Exclusively available for the Lluvia//Sutekh Hexen Pacific Northwest Tour.

Recorded live in front of a private audience to commemorate the release of the ‘Eternidad Solemne’ Lp.

image_original-1 image_original image_400w



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