L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010

L’Acephale Mord Und Totschlag GSR 010


L’Acephale is one of my favorite PNW Black Metal projects,one listen,and I think that you will understand why.

This is not a “new” recording,in fact this recordingis the 10th anniversary re issue.

This cs re issue comes with a lyric ‘zine and was issued in an edtion of 90 tapes.

A “Die Hard” wooden box edition(worked on by Set Sothins Nox La and GreySun) will be available in February 2016,in an edition of 10. These will be strictly first come… no trades,holds,dibs.

Also available(while supplies last)at

L’Acephale “Poppy Wheel” embroidered patch.

High quality embroidered patch featuring the L’Acephale logo in front of a “Poppy Wheel”.

This will a great addition to any battle vest,coat,bag etc…





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