The Long awaited A.L.N. cs is fianlly ready and availble.

A jounreny into the musical past of the man behind Mizmor.

ALN “Iyov” comes in an edition of 150 cassettes.

Each tape is enshrouded in an ALN patch that covers

the Norelco o-card sleeve.

Inside the case one will find a cs sized art “zine” and explination of the songs that grace the cassette.

(O-card and art zine are printed on a pearl metalic stock.)

GreySun,A.L.N. and, Sara Ray spent several hours meticoulsly ,cutting,stapling,gluing and assembling this cassette and the finished product is one to go down in the books.  Don’t take my word though,get one while you can.

GreySun will be the only only Stateside outlet for this release until A.L.N. returns from the European Hell Tour.



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