Future and past releases.

new greysun addUntitled-1front cover copy copy


Stratospheric,experimental, Ambient Drone from Issaias Vaca.
est. 2012.Southern California.Launched 2016

This release will avalailable as a limited edition CS soon at GreySun Records.

for those that would like a sample,the music can be found here:



Ehecatl-Quetzallitztly Demo.

Previously only available on cd or digital formats.

The first time I heard this demo, I was hooked,I play it often,and I am proud to have a hand in releasing this recording on tape.

Ehecatl-Quetzallitztly GSR024 edition of 100 tapes,first 50 come with a small poster, this tape should be avaiable in August. They will for sale at , as well as from the band.




Rite of the Sacred Wound b/w Odonata Grotto.

Edition of 30. Sold out.

This was a more or less a gift to my friends, Leadeater.

The 2 sided  j card was something that I put together from photos thet were taken by Leadeater,printed on a metallic silver pearl stock. I was pretty sick while doing the layout, and managed to let a typing error sneak past me. My mistake.

For those that did not get the tape, the songs have been (and still are)available on bandcamp at a name your own price,weeks before the tape was even done.


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