Fall 2016

Just a small update.

Hail Seeds/Permafrost casstettes will be finished shortly.

The J card art is being currently reworked to fit the updated GreySun Logo.

After that, all previously mentioned releases will follow.

Over the summer I, with the permission of M.S.W./HELL/Cloud,

had a very detailed woven patch made(3.5 x 6) . They are availbale exclusively through GreySun


Also released in the late summer



The posters  are now gone.

A review of Ehecatl from Plague Haus

“Let me begin by saying there’s at least five bands of varying quality slinging the “Ehecatl” moniker. This one happens to be the best. In the Aztec pantheon, Ehecatl was the god of the wind. Like many pre-Christian cultures, different names were sometimes given to aspects of the same deity. In Germanic lore, Odin had literally hundreds of names. Here Ehecatl is a form of the creator god Quetzalcóatl, from who all life began. Aztec and Mayan folklore have become a prominent fixture in extreme metal over the past few years. Just look at the roster of bands associated with the Black Twilight Circle and more subtly by the likes of Lluvia. Hailing from Oakland, CA, Ehecatl are more obscure, sometimes sharing bills with the above mentioned bands. I’m sure that’s destined to change.

Originally released in 2015 via the groups Bandcamp page, this demo finally receives a well-deserved physical manifestation thanks to the ever eclectic Portland label GreySun Records. The album begins as there namesake, an ambient tempest building in the distance, ethereal strains of flute and the bellowing of synthetic horns until the first blast of “Ollin Tlatikpa Llukayou Chaos (Procession to the Cosmic Chaos) comes lumbering in, threatening and proud as The Shorn Ones through the marshes. Mesmerizing, shimmering guitars give way to bass and drum that hints at tribal rhythms. Mid-paced in the beginning, only to become a wall of scarcely contained pandemonium. Anguished vocals and a hint of low-end synth creeping along the undercurrent round out the mix.

Without so much as a breath it’s on to “Ixayotl Yaoyotl (Call of War)”. The drum and bass here are more intently focused on indigenous cadence, but still fitting into the structure of traditional Black Metal, whatever that is. It just seems to pair well. The synth work is bit more prominent and works well within the context of the track. Ehecatl are similar in style to the above mentioned Lluvia, with a bit more aggression. The execution is furious in intensity, yet as cold as the peaks of Popocatépetl.

Limited to 100 copies and going for a meager $7, this is one of those demos you will kick yourself for not grabbing when you had the chance.”

Last on the list are

GreySun t shirts and the Tzompantli ‘Zine.

There were a small batch of shirts made this fall. When I say small, I mean small.

I have always thought the “logo” would look cool on a t shirt or patch,so I decided to get a few made.


Tzompantli ‘Zine


Issue one is in the works. More info will be available later on this year.After the completion of Sempervirens ‘Zine No.1 , I wanted to focus more on tapes. I have decided to try doing a much smaller ‘zine that is  possibly focused on some of the bands I have worked with. Its in the very early stages and thats all I will say about it now.

There are new GreySun tapes coming, as well as a limited slection of new(ish)distro tapes.


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