December 2016


GreySun shortsleeves are now sold out, with the exception of dblx,2 remain),thnak you to those of you that bought one.

Hail-Seeds/Permafrost GSR019

The Hail tapes are complete and will be avaible for purchase very soon, the first 30 purchased will have come in a norelco style o card, no requests.


Sutekh Hexen-Salem cs and t shirts GSR020

50 cassettes and short sleeve t shirts

18 of the 50 will be a special edition,more details will be available on the storenvy site.

the expected sale date is 12-21-16.

No more information.

SELVÆ  cs GSR026

30 cassettes in pvc “longbox”


will be listed for sale with the Hail cs.

2017 will see the release of DEATHSTENCH and the new L’Acephale recordings,and finally Tzompantli ‘Zine.

“Ice” photo by M.Garcia 12-2016


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