GreySun 2019 year end release info etc…

-Final releases for Greysun Records 2019-

Hell-II (cs reissue)GSR 037

This is truly one of my favorite releases by Hell/M.S.W. Black pro tapes with blood red ink, and multi panel j card(new layout).

                                          Hell-II (cs reissue)GSR 037

Hell-Live at Roadburn 2018(cs) GSR 038

An awesome live recording of Hell at the 2018 Roadburn festival. These were sold on the recent Hell tour, and are now available from GreySun. 
Pro tape with face printed shell. If your’e a fan of Hell, then this should be in your collection.


A Sombre Boreal (cs) GSR 039

A handful of songs that were accidentally left off of the Boreal-Abyss cs released by GreySun 2014.
The 9 tracks date from 2005-2006, from various locations listed on the j card. photos taken A.F./Boreal. Limited edition.

Civerous-Demo 2019 GSR 040

Kick ass,Raw,Blackened Death Metal from SoCal. These tapes were previously only available via the band on the southwestern summer 2019 tour. Not many left! 
Mastered by N. Myers(Mania/Eternal Warfare) and,one track features M.S.W. of Hell.

BAVITIST-Bt. II: Mysterios Xristos / World Appendix (cs) GSR 041 Black Metal from Venezuela.

Mt 22:14 – After two years in the womb / appendix of this accursed matrix amongst and beyond his servitude, the crystallization of his sacred vessel lacerated the scorched walls for the shriek / calling to be heard once more. 

Four cornerstones were placed in order of the world crucifixion and decay at the same time. There’s no glory but stagnation for our salvation; “for the crown of abomination descended upon the sons of temperance … yet salvation is not complete without the Devil’s grace …”. 

Cover photography taken by B.M. (Basílica del Espíritu Santo – La Grita – Edo. Táchira); recorded by Bavtist under the robe of reproach at CMBHQ around 2018 – 2019; mixing, mastering by H.K. 

C.M.B. Collective. Limited edition, silver metallic j cards, excellent music.

Chaines Fantôme-Prince of Lies (cs) GSR042

Six untitled tracks of raw,suffocating,discordant,hateful Black Metal.

Limited edition, get it while you can.

Hell II & Hell III Vinyl Reissues. First ever repressing of Hell II on vinyl. Double LP, and the 3rd vinyl pressing of Hell III (From Pesanta Urfolk) .These are very basic, no frills releases, black and white covers, no inserts and heavy black vinyl, they are just about the music, These will be in stock as long as I have them. Yes, Pesanta is late, there is nothing that I can do about that. If you pre ordered the Hell releases from P.U., you will get your records. As for the other releases, I have no insight as to what’s going on with them. GreySun has a limited quantity in stock, do not purchase these records if you placed a pre order with Pesanta, you will get your records.

As always, if you have any questions regarding GreySun releases contact me at, I will answer as soon as possible. In the very near future I will be selling off some of my personal records, and tapes simply to clear space. I am not sure if I will list them on the store site or via Discogs.

                                        More info about future projects in 2020 .


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