FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-5Leadeater-Oxalis cs

GreySun Records 017

This recording came to me via e mail from James of Leadeater.

I took one listen to Oxalis,and I was instantly taken in.

Words can’t  describe the ride that I was taken on while listening to Oxalis, I enjoyed this recording so much, that I played it over and over, while working and driving.

Released in an edition of 100 hand numbered  tapes.

#1-50 come are encased in a clover stamped  norelco case o card(#1-10 feature

a metallic gold j-card).

Peviously released on two sepreate cd-r runs,this cassette will be the final resting place for Oxalis.

  Artwork for the j-card is a  collaboration between Joseph Cendejas and B. Marie.


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