GreySun 2019 year end release info etc…

-Final releases for Greysun Records 2019- Hell-II (cs reissue)GSR 037 This is truly one of my favorite releases by Hell/M.S.W. Black pro tapes with blood red ink, and multi panel j card(new layout). Hell-Live at Roadburn 2018(cs) GSR 038 An awesome live recording of Hell at the 2018 Roadburn festival. These were sold onContinue reading “GreySun 2019 year end release info etc…”

GreySun 2019

2019 was off to a slow start due to a loss in the family. The patience was appreciated . 2019 GreySun release Thôt-La Plume GSR027 undisclosed limitation. Raw Black Metal from Dijon,France. O card encased tape, with two inserts, gold metallic pearl j card,recorded on a lapis blue cassette. Inner logo design by M. Garcia/GreySunContinue reading “GreySun 2019”

Fall 2018

-Releases for Fall 2018- Hell-III GSR 023- GreySun reissue, old blood red pro printed black shell,and fold out j card. THÔT-La Plume GSR027- Blue shell cs,printed label,metallic gold card stock j cards, o card. Release delayed due to art. Ehecatl-Rites os Ascension II GSR 031- housed in an oversized pvc case,silver colored cs shell,with 11×17Continue reading “Fall 2018”