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new gsr

Available soon:

DEATHSTENCH,Sutekh Hexen,Hearse,Thot(France),L’Acephale.

Re Issues:

Solace-Is Nothing Sacred



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GreySun is NOT closed permanently.

The store will re open soon with no less than 3 new releases, and two or three re issues.

Until then, thank you for the ongoing support.

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Late Summer 2017

-September 2017-



I have not been keeping a steady flow of information regarding GreySun releases,so here is a brief review of whats happening.

                                                      Thank you for your support.

There was a split tape by Ars Macabra and Zvijer scheduled to be released ealier this year that is no longer happening.



Sutekh Hexen-(44.947089, -123.031742) (45.521560, -122.527929)

GSR 030

In honor of the total solar eclipse of MMXVII, whose path of totality crosses over the land in which this material was manifested, these two cassettes hereby document a re-envisioning of the original source material previouslyreleased on SALEM.

The first was the (sun)
And this is the sun obscured by the (moon)

Boundaries trespassed
Thresholds distorted
Malleable time; synaesthesia:
The sound of a great shadow passing over the earth

Original source produced by Sutekh Hexen: 01 June 2014. Recorded by GreySun: The Wisp House (44.947089, -123.031742)
Eclipsed by M. Garcia: Xibalaba (45.521560, -122.527929): Summer 2017

A random undisclosed number will come in a black envelope with eclipse inspired art.




GSR 022

A black droning,chaotic and hate filled ritual captured in Portland,Oregon on a cold, wet,dreary night.

Special screen printed Black candle/Guatemalan Copal/6 pannel edition of 25, as well as a standard edition of 75 will be avaialable very soon.



Hearse-O’ ye Spheres

GSR 028

Bleak,hopeless,crushing Funeral Doom from Salem,Oregon.

One 18 minute hyper limited clear lathe cut record  edition of 20. These will be housed in a screen printed jacket and include a black & white insert and photo’zine.

A PVC long box cassette version will be avaiable in an edition of 30 with the same,but smaller inserts.

A limited number of white short sleeve t shirts will be avaiable at the time of sale.



Funeral Mourning- Left Seething Yet Unspoken & Veneration of Broken Worlds

GSR 029

Funeral Mourning- Left Seething Yet Unspoken & Veneration of Broken Worlds (GSR 029)

Funerary sermons & finality exhumed by Desolate at the ‘Altar of Dried Bones’ during the “Inertia of Dissonance (A Sermon in Finality)” sessions – MMXVI : MMXVII

Mastered by Dredged Oblivion

Veneration, the everlasting ode of misery unfurls its ravenous tongues.
Enthroned, upon the remains of two broken worlds…

Bury, Exhume! Bury, Exhume!
This howling corpse keeps raising to kill the flame in my fucking heart.
And we sail upon distant seas to nowhere – all the way to an endless nowhere. Yet i yield to nothing, nowhere, always and never…

Edition of 100 cassettes,25 random tapes came with a full color 11×17 “poster”.

Some of the best funeral doom available at this time.



GSR 021

Three cassettes housed in a printed cardboard box, photo insert,medallion of Saturn,and velum insert with a request from Lord Vast to not upload the recording to the internet.

Sold out.

I recieved complaints regarding the quantity/limited availabilty of this release. No one was given advanced knowledge as to when it was going to be sold, this was a highly anticipated release and was bound to sell out quickly. I listed Enigma and then announced it on the GreySun instagram site.

Yes,shipping the box overseas WAS THAT EXPENSIVE!

No, there were no boxes set aside for later.




Sutekh Hexen- Salem

GSR 020

Sutekh Hexen-Salem
All hallow tide announces the observance of six live tracks from Sutekh Hexen. GreySun Records is honored to offer this forthcoming collection of atmospherics in a limited edition of 50 copies. There was 18 Black Bag special edition(containing  1ancient rail road tie with a piece of Palo Santo incense wood bound to itwith a black cloth strip,six of them contained a two foot batik of the “salem Sigil) available as well.
Recorded by Grey Sun. Mastered by James Plotkin. More info and images as the triduum progresses…

Sold Out.

A standard re issue will be available in October.

    The tape will be exactly the same as the first edition.

Solace- Is Nothing Sacred

GSR 014

A reissue of the most recent offeirng from Asia Kindred Moore(Will O the Wisp).
Four beautify haunting tracks written and performed by AKM,  featuring photos by Brianna C. Smith, Mateo Garcia.  Strictly limited to one per person.

this will be the 4th edition of “Is Nothing Sacred” having sold 125 copies already.



Leadeater-Oxalis A 2nd edition will be available in January 2017.

This recording originally came to me via e mail from James of Leadeater.

I took one listen to Oxalis,and I was instantly taken in.

Words can’t describe the ride that I was taken on while listening to Oxalis, I enjoyed this recording so much, that I played it over and over, while working and driving. I would best decribe it as a combonation of Ambient-drone/Atmospheric Black Metal. You will not be dissapointed.

This month(Septmeber 2017) will see the reissue of two long sold out releases, Solace and Leadeater. If you missed the physical editions  the first time around, be sure to pick them up as soon as they are available!

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Summer 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 1.55.15 PM

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GreySun 2017

greysun2017 2.jpgMore info soon.

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December 2016


GreySun shortsleeves are now sold out, with the exception of dblx,2 remain),thnak you to those of you that bought one.

Hail-Seeds/Permafrost GSR019

The Hail tapes are complete and will be avaible for purchase very soon, the first 30 purchased will have come in a norelco style o card, no requests.


Sutekh Hexen-Salem cs and t shirts GSR020

50 cassettes and short sleeve t shirts

18 of the 50 will be a special edition,more details will be available on the storenvy site.

the expected sale date is 12-21-16.

No more information.

SELVÆ  cs GSR026

30 cassettes in pvc “longbox”


will be listed for sale with the Hail cs.

2017 will see the release of DEATHSTENCH and the new L’Acephale recordings,and finally Tzompantli ‘Zine.

“Ice” photo by M.Garcia 12-2016

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Fall 2016

Just a small update.

Hail Seeds/Permafrost casstettes will be finished shortly.

The J card art is being currently reworked to fit the updated GreySun Logo.

After that, all previously mentioned releases will follow.

Over the summer I, with the permission of M.S.W./HELL/Cloud,

had a very detailed woven patch made(3.5 x 6) . They are availbale exclusively through GreySun


Also released in the late summer



The posters  are now gone.

A review of Ehecatl from Plague Haus

“Let me begin by saying there’s at least five bands of varying quality slinging the “Ehecatl” moniker. This one happens to be the best. In the Aztec pantheon, Ehecatl was the god of the wind. Like many pre-Christian cultures, different names were sometimes given to aspects of the same deity. In Germanic lore, Odin had literally hundreds of names. Here Ehecatl is a form of the creator god Quetzalcóatl, from who all life began. Aztec and Mayan folklore have become a prominent fixture in extreme metal over the past few years. Just look at the roster of bands associated with the Black Twilight Circle and more subtly by the likes of Lluvia. Hailing from Oakland, CA, Ehecatl are more obscure, sometimes sharing bills with the above mentioned bands. I’m sure that’s destined to change.

Originally released in 2015 via the groups Bandcamp page, this demo finally receives a well-deserved physical manifestation thanks to the ever eclectic Portland label GreySun Records. The album begins as there namesake, an ambient tempest building in the distance, ethereal strains of flute and the bellowing of synthetic horns until the first blast of “Ollin Tlatikpa Llukayou Chaos (Procession to the Cosmic Chaos) comes lumbering in, threatening and proud as The Shorn Ones through the marshes. Mesmerizing, shimmering guitars give way to bass and drum that hints at tribal rhythms. Mid-paced in the beginning, only to become a wall of scarcely contained pandemonium. Anguished vocals and a hint of low-end synth creeping along the undercurrent round out the mix.

Without so much as a breath it’s on to “Ixayotl Yaoyotl (Call of War)”. The drum and bass here are more intently focused on indigenous cadence, but still fitting into the structure of traditional Black Metal, whatever that is. It just seems to pair well. The synth work is bit more prominent and works well within the context of the track. Ehecatl are similar in style to the above mentioned Lluvia, with a bit more aggression. The execution is furious in intensity, yet as cold as the peaks of Popocatépetl.

Limited to 100 copies and going for a meager $7, this is one of those demos you will kick yourself for not grabbing when you had the chance.”

Last on the list are

GreySun t shirts and the Tzompantli ‘Zine.

There were a small batch of shirts made this fall. When I say small, I mean small.

I have always thought the “logo” would look cool on a t shirt or patch,so I decided to get a few made.


Tzompantli ‘Zine


Issue one is in the works. More info will be available later on this year.After the completion of Sempervirens ‘Zine No.1 , I wanted to focus more on tapes. I have decided to try doing a much smaller ‘zine that is  possibly focused on some of the bands I have worked with. Its in the very early stages and thats all I will say about it now.

There are new GreySun tapes coming, as well as a limited slection of new(ish)distro tapes.

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